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Location: Carnegie Hall (New York, NY)

In partnership with Carnegie Hall's Weil Music Institute, I hosted and facilitated an interactive, technology-embedded music workshop for children between the age 3-10. The main theme of the workshop was on exploring the concept of counterpoint. Counterpoint is defined as a fundamental musical relationship between melody and harmony; an applied musical knowledge that is often not introduced to students until they reach advanced-level in their music studies. 

Rather than leading a demonstration-based workshop, I aimed to create an environment where each child had the opportunity to organically explore the concept of counterpoint via active listening in a cooperative setting.


Using a panted technology by Dr. Kate Stone from Cambridge University, I created a series of short, original musical sequences that were inserted onto 4x4 touch sensors from printed conductive ink. The audio platform would respond to touch, enabling each kid to have ownership of their own physical panel.

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