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I was born in South Korea, and immigrated to Canada with my family at the age of 12. Growing up in the Western world, and attempting to find a balance in my life between my traditional Korean cultural values, and new life in the West, impacted my life enormously. It dramatically changed how I chose to communicate my feelings and emotions with the people I love in my life, and to simply let go and honestly share how I feel; to ultimately build better relationships.

The personal stories in every track behind Closer are heavily influenced by my experiences of growing up in Canada as a first-generation immigrant. Visiting friends’ homes and noticing the “I love you” phrase casually being expressed between family members was a form of culture shock to me, as I had never said, nor heard, my family do the same. Repressing emotions is a very common thing in the Korean culture.
Change is incredibly difficult, but it can start from the moment we decide to pursue it. I have chosen to be a more expressive person with my feelings and emotions, to enrich my relationship with my family and friends, as much as possible.
I hope that my music can inspire millions of others to open their minds and hearts, and share their emotions, openly embracing their loved ones, no matter where in the world they come from.

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