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Interactive Music Game Hardware

Co-creator: Dr. Kate Stone

The Puzzlegram project is designed for retirement home living environments to increase participation in recreational activities.


With Kate, we shared our desire to converge the subjects of physics and music psychology by building a creative tool to serve a specific demographic that we felt could benefit from our project. We chose to develop this project for use in a healthcare setting for the aging population in retirement homes, after years of my own first-hand experiences meeting senior citizen residents that had repeatedly expressed a sense of frustration and sadness from limited available recreational options.

Created as an alternative method to jigsaw puzzles and BINGO games that are commonly found in recreation rooms in retirement homes, “Puzzlegram” accentuates the field of memory, auditory interaction as well as response to visual signals with the use of music and technology through play. Similar to the jigsaw puzzle concept, each player of “Puzzlegram” is responsible for putting together their own musical layer, divided in equal-length pieces that make up a larger sonic piece of a familiar song.

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